Company History

AA Screen Printing Supplier is a family-owned company with a deep history of helping printers succeed.  It began with my uncle back to year 1993 opening the first office in Marietta, GA.  AA Screen Printing Supplier starts to serve the textile screen printers in Atlanta, GA area.  With the 24 years devoting it has grown into an inter-state distributor serving printers in nation wide.  

As the years went by, the business grew, AA Screen Printing Supplier Inc now is one of the biggest and reliable textile screen printing supplies distributor in GA and locates in Kennesaw.  Though many things are different our foundation is still the same- Family, Faith, and Serving our customers well.  

 AA Screen Printing Supplier currently is in its second generation of management.  Harrison Ng retired in year 2014 after 21 years of service in AA and now becomes a full-time pastor serving the God.