EPIC RIO Electric Purple

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Bright, transparent purple with reddish blue undertone—used to brighten and clean purple and magenta colors
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Wilflex™ EPIC Rio is a non-phthalate finished ink mixing system formulated for a perfect balance of color accuracy and opacity for peak press performance and color design. It is an easy-to-use, easy to-mix color mixing system with 18 intermixable colors that enable printers to produce accurate PANTONE ® simulations. Epic RIO is the most opaque color system in the Wilflex Epic line. The increase opacity helps printers get to color quicker on press even when using fine mesh screen sizes, saving printers ink and money. 

  • Accurate and vibrant color match to PANTONE
  • Opaque
  • Soft hand prints
  • Matte finish
  • Wet-on-wet printing
18 intermixable colors

  • 110RX EPIC Rio Mixing White
  • 190RX EPIC Rio Deep Black
  • 380RX EPIC Rio Blaze Orange
  • 470RX EPIC Rio Red
  • 480RX EPIC Rio Barberry Maroon
  • 490RX EPIC Rio Majestic Magenta
  • 580RX EPIC Rio Deep Violet
  • 670RX EPIC Rio Midnight Blue
  • 680RX EPIC Rio Aquamarine
  • 690RX EPIC Rio Indigo Blue
  • 780RX EPIC Rio Forest Green
  • 880RX EPIC Rio Sunshine Yellow
  • 890RX EPIC Rio Golden Yellow
  • 980RX EPIC Rio Electric Yellow
  • 960RX EPIC Rio Electric Blue
  • 950RX EPIC Rio Electric Purple
  • 940RX EPIC Rio Electric Red
  • 900RX EPIC Rio Electric Pink

** Please note:**

30 gallon and 50 gallon drums of this product are available, but due to their weight, special shipping details must be addressed over the phone.  Please contact 1-800-334-4513 for detail. 

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