What do I need for screen printing? And what does it is the cost?


The most common question for new comers is: "I do not know what to purchase?". To start screen printing, basically the following items are recommended:Screens,Emulsions (for you to create stencil), Positive Output Media, Squeegees, Inks, and Cleaning Chemical.

 After understanding the needed accessories, the 2nd question is the cost. Generally, to do a single color print as a hobbyist with the above items and a pair of Hinge Clamps the cost is around the range of $100-$200 depends on how many screens and supply you want to get. But if you are planning to run a business besides the above items, we recommend you to invest into some equipment: An Exposure Unit, Multi Color Printing Station, Flash Cure Unit, and a Conveyor Dryer. Roughly the equipment cost is around $10,000. Cost difference depending on the brand of machine you choose.

Based on our customer experience, when you are planning to run a business, stay away from the so-called "All-in-One" unit. It may be a good solution at the beginning to print 1-color or simple 2-color small run projects because they do not require tight registration. BUT, if you are planning to do a multi-color printing project, it requires tight registration; the “All-in-one” unit will become useless. Thus, we recommend our customers to “Get right equipment in the beginning”.