White Inks

When It comes to white inks, there is no "magic in bucket".  Different applications or fabrics will require different whites, which is why AA offers a variety of white inks meets your needs.  

Select the Right White Inks for you. 




General Purpose

General Purpose Whites are a good "all purpose" white that will print well on cotton, yet offer some bleed resistance on blends.

Solar LB White

100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends

Solar whites are designed to print on 100% cotton and 50/50s, typically lower cost because they are devoid of any extra components such as Bleed resistant additives.

Epic Amazing Bright LB White

100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends

Epic Amazing Bright LB Bright Whites are designed to print on 100% cotton and 50/50s where moderate bleed resistance is required.  Epic Amazing Bright Whtie delivers commendable press performance on both automatic and manual equipments. 

Epic Sprint White

100% Cotton

Epic Sprint White is a premium high-production low bleed white ink that delivers great printability and visual appearance.

Epic Quick White

100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends

Epic Quick White delivers high - production, superior printability and visual appearance as an underbase flash white or as a highlight white.

Xtreme White

100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends

Wilflex Xtreme White is a smooth, creamy white ink that flashes fast and prints through fine meshes.  Xtreme White takes your production processes to the extreme by cutting flash times dramatically and producing a fiber-lock matte finish on color overprints.

Epic Bright Tiger

100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends

Epic Bright Tiger is a general purpose white with excellent printability and visual appearance with commendable performance across wide range of mesh screens on manual or automatic equipment.

Epic Stretch White

100% Cotton, Cotton Blends, Acrylic, Nylon, some Synthetics

Epic Stretch White is specially formulated for extra elongation and cures at lower temperatures than conventional plastisol inks. 

Polyester Whites

Polyester Whites are built with extra bleed resistance to dye migration. They are typically more Athletic in their look and feel. Each offering attacks the dye migration of Polyester with different strategies.

Epic Top Score LC White

100% Polyesters, Polyester Blends, 100% Cotton.

Epic Top Score White is a high performance low-cure, low bleed ink designed to complement the Top Score pre-mix color palette.

Epic Performance White

100% Polyesters, Polyester Blends, 100% Nylon Jersey, 100% Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends, Cotton/Lycra Blends, Spandex (Not suitable for all nylon substrates)

Epic Performance White is a high-end quality white, designed to print onto a variety of special fabrics including performance stretch polyester and polyester blends.

Epic Polywhite

100% Cotton, Cotton Blends, 100% Polyester

Epic Polywhite provides excellent bleed resistance, high opacity, and good coverage on a range of fabrics.

Transfer Whites

Transfer whites are designed to print last over a design on transfer paper. Each offering has a unique characteristic for design.

Epic TFX Super White

100% Cotton, Cotton Blends, Rayon, Linen and Lycra. NOT recommended for Nylon or Satin Fabrics

Epic TFX Super White is a soft hand transfer ink formulated to provide excellent opaque prints on dark fabrics.

Water-based White

Water-based White ink is designed to provide maximum opacity with brilliant color saturation and a soft-dry hand feel.

Wilflex Oasis Intense White

100% cotton and some cotton/polyester blends, when bleed resistance is not required.

This ultra-durable white can be used as an underbase flash white for increased opacity and strong color development with large vector graphics.

AQUA D-White

100% Cotton

D-White is an extremely bright white waterbase discharge ink.  D-White can be used as an opaque underbase, highlight white, or can be used with pigments. D-White can be used in conjunction with other ink systems to produce multiple effects.